The Villa & Suites



Entire Villa Caprichosa

2420$ per night 35% discount: 1570$ per night (minimum 2 night stay)

The entire Villa Caprichosa This beautiful villa with a terrace and pool overlooking the beach and island of Taboga can accommodate up to sixteen people in 5 suites with 7 bathrooms. Villa Caprichosa is build into a hillside, expands over three leves, offers a mulitude of terraces and sitting areas.  The property is surrounded by […]

The Crown Jewel (2 guests)

$679.93 per night (35% discount $440)

Our Pool Suite, located on the third level, is the supreme accommodation within our Villa.  Sliding doors separate the bedroom from the living and dining room. Walls of glass doors along the outer apartment perimeter allow the outside to be part of the living room and give easy access to an oversized terrace. Huge banquets […]

The Hidden Gem Suite (2 guests, can have up to 4 guests)

Starting at $492.31 per night (35% descount: 320$ for 2 guests, each additional guest cost $55 per person)

This cozy suite has a romantic ambiance. The sleeping area can be separated by a door that connects to the living room and Romanesque pool and private terrace. Enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine either in the private stonewalled patio, the plunge pool or in the half round balconies off the bedrooms.

Golden Sapphire (2 guests, can have up to 4 guests)

$492.31 per night (35% discount $320 for 2 guests, additional guests pay $55)

La Choza This good sized villa is designed with an eye for South American Folklore and Latin craftsmanship. Lush vine coverings on the outside, the sound of a running fountain and maintained gardens transfer you to an oasis-like private getaway. The house is perfect for families or two couples.