Getting to Taboga

The best way to reach Isla Taboga is via Taboga Express from Balboa Yach Club. This ferry is fast (30 minutes),convenient and goes five times a day.

Taboga Express Ferry Service: ( 6234-8989 or

Coming from Panama City you have to turn right before the Figali Convention Center. It the same direction as Firday’s restaurant. The ticketbooth is next to Balboa Yacht Club Restaurants. If you come direct from the airport please allow between 2.5 and 3 hours getting to the ferry terminal. This includes the time getting through immigrations, the taxi ride etc. We advice to make a ticket reservation (round trip) for the Taboga Express ahead of time at



Depart Balboa Yacht Club             Depart Taboga:

8:00am                                                 8:45am

9:30am                                               10:15am

11:00am                                              2:30pm

3:00pm                                              4pm

4.30pm                                                 5pm


There is also a 1-hour-ferry (Calypso) from Amardor Causeway.

Please call for the schedule at 3141730 or 3902403.

Private boat for hire:

  • Jimmy at 6058-4386. He charges $99 per passenger – round trip (min. 2 passengers per trip).  He can take up to 6 people on a super modern craft.


It is very important that you call 6632-1725 or email us at to let us know which ferry you will arrive on.  Otherwise it’s a steep walk up the hill or a $1.50 taxi ride per person to arrive at the Villa


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