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A vibrant culinary oasis in Taboga.

La Dolce Vita

At the top of our villa, La Dolce Vita offers stunning views of the blue waters and sky. Our gourmet restaurant, led by an esteemed Executive Chef, presents a menu inspired by Italian Mediterranean cuisine with a tropical fusion. Our Chefs are in charge of serving your palate. 

Experience a symphony of flavors, textures and colors with our carefully crafted menu. Each dish is a work of art, prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Don’t forget to pair your palate with a cocktail that complements the smells and flavors of the dishes.

Whether you are looking for an intimate dining experience or want to celebrate a special occasion, we offer charming spaces. From the terrace adorned with twinkling lights to cozy corners in the middle of lush tropical gardens, each setting is a charm.

Our dedicated food guides ensure your experience exceeds traditional expectations. Relax, connect and delight in the magical atmosphere of our restaurant.

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